It might surprise you to know that I'm an ordinary Dad who's
been blessed with a lot of success marketing online!

"Hey there...

This page is designed to help you get to know me and my family and to show you that we are real people who have created an extraordinary lifestyle for ourselves and our children. Plus - we've helped many others achieve the same thing. We would be honored to be able to play a part in helping you get exactly what you want too.

You already know from visiting the front page of our web site that I'm a past president of United Way, that I've co-owned a chain of radio stations, that I've spent many successful years online and in network marketing, and that I've been named volunteer of the year in the city we live in, and yada, yada, yada.

While that all sounds good - and perhaps somewhat impressive to some - really it means nothing relative to what this opportunity can do for you. At the very least, I hope it shows you that I have a history of community service and stewardship to others. The fact is - I get juiced up when I can be a servant to other people and help them get what they want. My bio simply proves that has been my true character over the last 25 years. And, unlike some people - I don't like to gossip or bad mouth other folks - and I don't appreciate hearing stuff like that from others either. If I have a bone to pick with someone - I'll pray for them and ask God to help them change their heart.

All hype aside, in addition to showing you about the tremendous earnings potential of marketing online with, we felt it really important that you be able to find out about me and my core values because I have created this company from the ground up. It has been a labor of intense love and it continues to be a big passion in my life to see others succeed.

Learning online marketing is not easy; but it's not hard either. It's simple and it requires that you go through a simple learning curve.

Whether you are looking at my company either because you want to learn internet marketing - or whether you want to experience a totally turn key marketing system - you are in the right place.

The really good news is that you can start to generate significant profits for your own business (if you already have one) because of what we teach you - or, you can create big streams of income by marketing our affiliate program with just a few hours a day spent on marketing.

I want to tell you right off the bat that I am a Christian, and I share my convictions and beliefs openly with people. It is who I am. You'll detect that most anytime you hear me speak, if that's a turn off for you - you might not want to join our company. God has had a big part in my life answering my prayers - and I'm not about to hide that from anyone.

So, while it is not a prerequisite for you to be a Believer to join our business - I need you to know these things about me because I base a lot of what I do around my love for the Lord.

I believe is the very best choice for decent people who are looking for something real in terms of having a thriving and highly profitable home business, or learning how to expand profits in an existing business.

Why listen to me ...

So, welcome to our web site! I look forward to the opportunity of working with your sponsor to help you reach your dreams with!

Below, on this page, you will see a type of family album for our family. Plus, you will see the lifestyle our family enjoys from working at home online.

We pray that you can have at least the same lifestyle we are blessed with.

Thanks so very much for visiting

God Bless You,

Gerald Van Yerxa
CEO & Founder

As a born again Christian I profess my belief in 1 living and true God: the God who is the Creator and Lord of the heavens and the earth...

I believe in the unity of the Godhead: the fact that there are three persons, of one substance, equal in power and eternity: I'm talking about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe it is our right as a company to publicly support any of the things that we passionately believe in. As a Christian, I believe that that Jesus Christ did in fact come down from heaven, that He was incarnated by the Holy Spirit and that he was supernaturally & divinely born of the Virgin Mary.

I believe that He lived a life without sin and that he lived in perfect obedience to God the Father, and - importantly - I believe that He was crucified & He died to pay for our sins with His blood.

I believe that Jesus suffered for us, that He died for us, and that although He was then buried ...that He defeated death and rose from the dead on the third day after His crucifixion.

I believe that Jesus Christ ascended into heaven and that He now sits at the right hand of God the Father, interceding for his people.

I believe that at his first coming, Jesus inaugurated the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God.

I believe that all people are sinners by nature and by choice and - as a result of that, all of us are under condemnation.

I believe however, that we can be saved and have eternal salivation ...but only by the merit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through faith in him alone, and not by our own works, and not by deserving salvation, and not by any other means ...period.

I believe in the divine inspiration, truthfulness, and authority of both the Old and New Testament Scriptures in their entirety, without error, and in all they affirm.



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"Working online affords us a wonderful lifestyle"

We are real people and this is how we live - thanks to our online business...

Rachael in the pool with the kids
Our family Christmas morning after church
Our family skiis all winter long at the Sun Peaks Resort
Daddy loves his new range rover!
Our daughter drives the boat with daddy looking over her shoulder
our kids on back deck
Our kids catching a trout
Daddy with son and daugher hiking
The kids and their cousins in the back yard on the trampoline
Rachael's audi
Rachael and her sister at our cabin on the beach
Our daughter at her weekly riding lesson
Our daugher cleaning her saddle - a weekly ritual!
Rachael BBQing in the back of the boat on a hot summer day!
Rachael lands a 4 foot sturgeon!
Our family loves fishing!
Our son at his weekly Karate lesson
The family at one of the many sand bars along the river
Our son by the beach bonfire at our summer cabin on the lake

We spend a lot of family time in our backyard...

Our beautiful back yard pool & view
Our private dock and boat
We relax in the hot tub when others are at work
Enjoy the outdoor gas fire pit

Stuff we like to do while running our business...

When I'm not helping our members - I love to fish right out front of our home
Our favorite beaches are just minutes from our dock
Our daughter in the pool with Fluffy
Me jet skiing with my son just off our property
My daughter caught this salmon off the dock
Our son beach combing minutes from our front door
Daddy's little girl loves to go boating ...and as a Dad - I can do things like this because of our online business
I spend a lot of quality time with our kids because of our online business

The entrance to our home...

This is the entrance to our property. It's a wonderful paradise where we get to enjoy our family as well as operate our global online home business from

Front yard...

An underground garage below the house for parking, boat and jet ski storage!
Another view of the front yard! .

Come on in...

Side view of our home
Looking out to the street!

Enter into the main house...

Come on in through the front door!
Remember to close the doors behind you


Cozy kitchen
Lots of room to cook
More kitchen
Another kitchen view
Looking out to the family room
Kitchen nook and laundry

Dining room and living room area...

This is where we have dinner with our friends
A great place to relax with friends & family
Another view
Warm fireplace

Master bedroom...

Comfortable master bedroom
Open and spacious

The Master Bath...

Lots of room to get clean
Another view

One of 3 stairwells...

Main staircase

And back down again

When you work from home - why not have your own gym & billiards room...

Indoor gym
Billiards anyone?

This is my office...

One side of Gerald's office
Other side of Gerald's office

Our guest bedrooms...

1st guest suite
Another view
2nd guest suite
More of the same

Life is too short to live in a rat race. How would having an online marketing business from home change your life?

We've been blessed to live in a mountain paradise & do our business online!

This view is right outside our door! What other business could you "do anywhere" and get to live your dream in a paradise setting?

Not your average corporate office - - but that's the internet for you!
All our staff work out of their homes from various places around the world.

Why not take the time to 'check' our company out ...and then "live your dream!"

Finally - if you decide that developing an online business & internet marketing is for you sure to "connect" with the person who invited you to this site. You'll have 100% access to us through them!

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